Welcome to our old farmhouse. Over the past year I have learned so much history of this house and the people who lived here. Ninety six years of love, loss, hopes and dreams. Preservation continues and there is always a repair to be done. We are trying to be purest in our preservation as much as we possibly can. I hope you follow along and each week I will try to give you a little history of the house as well as the first owners of the house. I've been lucky enough to find a journal from a Granddaughter who talks about the house as well as her Grandparents. So come follow along and learn about this old house as well as the occupants, old and new.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Watching The World Go By

 Going to give the kitchen  a little rest this week, just working on a couple of little things I want to add before I post. So I will talk a little about my girly space! This is where I love to go before anyone is up, prop my feet up drink my morning coffee, look at my plants and watch the world go by.
 This room was originally the receiving hall of the house. Guest would arrive at the front door and wait here until they were escorted into the parlor. Now Mary had a large portrait of her Father on an easel sitting in this room, I can just imagine he was probably in his Confederate uniform (maybe, maybe not, his clothing was not described in the journal), and I would also imagine she had a couple chairs here as well.
 I use this room a little differently, It's my little sitting room, sun room and music room. My plants love all the natural light they get not to mention the warmth of the room. The beveled glass in the windows does a great job of warming the space.

A pewter tea/coffee set always comes in handy. A couple vintage hats. All the furniture in the room is family pieces, auction or second hand pieces I picked up along the way with the exception of the grandfather clock which I bought new but is now well over twenty years old.

My children portraits hang in here, the china cabinet holds a couple sets of dinnerware that are covered in beautiful floral patterns.

The Christmas tree for the family was always set up in the parlor, the doors stayed closed until Christmas morning and the children were allowed to see the tree as well as receive their gifts. Wonder how that would work with our children and grandchildren today? I say not so well!

All the mahogany paneling and woodwork are still natural and will not be painted as long as I own the house. Now I'm not one to usually paint my furniture, but I did paint the  little french table and chairs as well as the settee arms and legs. I just liked the contrast against the dark wood.

I love that I can close the french doors as needed. We were fortunate enough to find a salvage yard that had a couple of screen doors we could use on the house, weather permitting, I open the doors and the fresh air flows through the house, and I love to hear them slam. Reminds me of my childhood and simpler times.

So now it's time to sit a bit and watch the world go by!


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