Welcome to our old farmhouse. Over the past year I have learned so much history of this house and the people who lived here. Ninety six years of love, loss, hopes and dreams. Preservation continues and there is always a repair to be done. We are trying to be purest in our preservation as much as we possibly can. I hope you follow along and each week I will try to give you a little history of the house as well as the first owners of the house. I've been lucky enough to find a journal from a Granddaughter who talks about the house as well as her Grandparents. So come follow along and learn about this old house as well as the occupants, old and new.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Getting There

One more kitchen project finished. It took us a year to find a period correct door to put on the barn door track. 

Just one more reason for people to, PLEASE not destroy old houses. Please if you want open concept, buy a new house!

 We chose to use the barn door track just for the contrast. Most of the interior doors are either french doors or five panel doors. This entry to the kitchen is just off the back door and most likely used by household help or for deliveries in the past.

This is a six panel door , with one panel being removed for the little glass window. We found the door at a salvage shop a couple months ago, they salvaged it from an old hotel that was being demolished. This door was between the kitchen and the dining room of the hotel.
From the markings found on the door, this is one of its many makeovers. From the markings it looks as though it may have been a pocket door in a former life. It was eighty four inches long when we found it. That's a long door! And it's heart pine, very heavy. It had a very cheerful green milk paint on it but since the other doors in the hall were all white I painted it to match.

You know there is always a BUT with me!
 I aim to be different!
The kitchen side remained, shall we say pure.
All the scrapes, dings and dents as well as the original paint still there.
The window above the door is an original window from the dormer on the front of the house and the bead board is from the original center hall ceiling, which was to damaged to be used as a ceiling material. We climbed into the attic and cut out the usable pieces the bead board. Now can you imagine what we looked like when we came down? Remember this house had coal fireplaces and all that coal from all those years had settled. Can we say just throw those clothes away.

You can see where the shoes hit the bottom of the door and the trays hit the upper part of the door.
We still have lots of trim work to do, baseboards to make, you know they don't make ten inch baseboard any longer. After that I hope to get started on counter tops. then maybe finished in the kitchen and on to the next project which is library shelves.

So stay warm and and enjoy your day!
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