Welcome to our old farmhouse. Over the past year I have learned so much history of this house and the people who lived here. Ninety six years of love, loss, hopes and dreams. Preservation continues and there is always a repair to be done. We are trying to be purest in our preservation as much as we possibly can. I hope you follow along and each week I will try to give you a little history of the house as well as the first owners of the house. I've been lucky enough to find a journal from a Granddaughter who talks about the house as well as her Grandparents. So come follow along and learn about this old house as well as the occupants, old and new.

Friday, April 16, 2010

From Coat Closet To Pantry

Thank you Susan for hosting this event.
It's been a few weeks since I have posted
so it's a little rough getting back in to the
grove of things.
During my down time we did get several
little projects finished. One happened to
be turning a coat closet in my mud room
into another pantry. Since I already have
hooks and selves for all the hats, gloves,
coats, etc. this was just wasted space (in
my opinion).
The inspiration for this came from Susan
She gave a wonderful tutorial on turning
a closet into storage space for all her beautiful
tables accessories. So be sure to pay her a visit!
I couldn't just make changes to the inside,
so here is the before of the outside, plain little
white wooden knob.
The powder room door will be next! That is an awful looking door handle.
Now, after a trip to Hobby Lobby, we have a little contrast with the black. One goal for summer, remove the flower boarder!!!!
Remnants from the seventies.
Nothing fabulous about the selves, but I have
wire baskets to hang for storage of produce.
I just need to get them put up!
These selves work much better for the
heaver canned food and large containers of
baking supplies.
Now for one of my favorite touch.....
The addition of this small refrigerator, its
wonderful for extra drinks, condiments or
maybe that extra food that has been cooked!
This addition was the brainstorm of DH.
Thanks everyone for stopping by.
Time to go and see all your wonderful ideals!
Be sure to stop by Susan's and see all the wonderful
creations you are sure to find there.
Bye for now,
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